Preston Lacemakers are a friendly group of people who meet to share their enthusiasm and enjoyment in the art and craft of lace, in all its variations. Our group includes young and old and beginners to experienced. Throughout the year we have talks about and workshops in both lace and other craft techniques. We also promote lace through exhibitions and giving demonstrations.
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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Next Meeting - New Year! - Saturday 5 January 2013

Our next meeting takes place in the New Year - Saturday 5 January.

In the main this will be an open meeting for everyone to make some lace.  Ann Shadbolt will be taking a small workshop in tambour Lace.  It is difficult to obtain tambour hooks, so there are only a limited number of hooks available for those who wish to try this interesting form of lace. If you have your own tambour hook, please bring it along.

The Annual General Meeting is due to take place on Saturday 2 March.  The January meeting is, therefore, your last opportunity to submit any items for the AGM agenda.  You must give these items to Christine Keber, the secretary.

Why not do your 'bit' for the group and volunteer for the committee or any of the other posts available!  A list will be available at the January meeting for you to express your interest.

We wish everyone all the best for 2013.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Christmas Party 1 December 2012

We shall be holding our Christmas Party on Saturday 1 December 2012.  Remember to bring cutlery, crockery, a contribution to the Jacob's  Join and a gift to the value of £5.00 for the Secret Santa.  If you wish to participate, remember to bring a Christmas card for the Christmas Card bran tub.  If you make your Christmas card, why not enter it into the competition. Members will put 10p in front of their favourite card to identify the winner.  The proceeds will go to Preston Lacemakers' charity of the year - Sightsavers.  It's a 'reet good do' so come along.  If you are not a member yet, please contact first.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Next Meeting: 3 November Christmas Decorations and Bucks Point Exhibition

Many thanks to all those who joined us at our Textile Open Day on Saturday 6 October and to all those members who helped to make the day a success.  We made at least £200 for Sightsavers Charity.

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday 3 November; members will have the opportunity to make Christmas decorations.  You will be supplied with fabrics and patterns to make either a Christmas stocking, about six inches long, or a heart.  If you don't feel like sewing, glue the pieces together to make your chosen shape.  Raid your cupboards and bring along glitter, beads, threads, buttons etc - whatever takes your fancy - to decorate your stocking or heart.  Audrey is hoping that everyone will take part and let their imagination run riot, because this is not a serious exercise but a fun day.

Remember to bring your pieces of Bucks Point lace for the exhibition.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Textile Open Day: Saturday Oct 6 11 am to 3 pm

Why not come to our Textile Open Day, to be held at United Reformed Church Hall, Penwortham on Saturday 6 October from 11 am to 3 pm.  Drop in any time during this period and see lots of different types of lace being made by our members.  You can have a go yourself if you wish.  There will be a stall where you can buy a range of interesting items, all the proceeds going to charity.  Tea and coffee will be available.  We welcome children who are accompanied by an adult. Come along, see a range of laces, have a drink and a chat, have a go yourself and browse our charity stall.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

UFOs - Saturday 1 September

Bring your UFOs - UnFinished Objects - to our next meeting.  Perhaps you need some motivation, or help, or just some time to finish them - bring them along on Saturday 1 September.  If you are so organised that you have no UFOs, why not complete your bookmark for PLMs Preston Guild project?  Remember it must be no more than 2 inches wide in white or white and silver.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Paint you own bobbin with Jacqui

You will have the opportunity to paint your own lace bobbin with Jacqui at the next meeting to be held on Saturday 4 August.  Make sure that you are there from 10:00 so that there is time for your bobbin to dry before you leave.  Jacqui has some ideas for bobbins with a Preston Guild theme and will write on them if you wish.  Not all members will be painting bobbins, so if you wish to just join us to make lace, come along.

Jacqui will also be bringing her lace supplies so if you want to shop, this is an excellent opportunity.  Why not get some silver thread for your Preston Guild bookmark?

Friday, 8 June 2012

Next Meeting 7 July Torchon Lace Exhibition

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday 7 July.  We shall have an exhibition of  Torchon Lace, so if you have any interesting pieces, please bring them along.  Otherwise, it's a day for you to make your own lace and have a chat.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

2 June - Celebration of Queen's Jubilee

On 2 June we shall celebrate the Queen's Jubilee by having a themed meeting and a Jacob's Join finger buffet, so remember to bring some food along to contribute to the buffet.  For those who have knitted lace fans in May, Deborah will be showing us how to mount and dye them.  There will also be members making lace, so come along if you are interested.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Next Meeting 5 May Knitted Lace Fans

In our next meeting on 5 May, we shall be making knitted lace fans with Deborah Robinson.  We shall be knitting the fans at the May meeting and mounting and dying them at the June meeting.  Some members will be making their bobbin lace so if you are interested in joining us to make lace, do come along.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Open Meeting 7 April

Our next meeting takes place on 7 April.  We have nothing specific arranged, so come along, make lace and have a chat.  If you've not made lace before, why not visit us to see how it is done and try it for yourself?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Next Meeting AGM and Jacob's Join 3 March

Our next meeting is the Annual General Meeting at 11:00 followed by a Jacob's Join - a finger buffet.  Everyone should have received an agenda by Monday 13 February.  If you are a member and have not got yours, please let Christine know:  you can email or telephone 01772 339913.  Please make every effort to attend, it would be great to see everyone.  We shall be making lace in the afternoon, so if you are not yet a member and would like to come along, please do so.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Next Meeting Saturday 4 February

Our next meeting, to be held on Saturday 4 February, is a workshop led by Ann Christy.  Members will be able to make either a scissor keep or a thimble holder in stump work.  Full details, including photographs and a list of items to bring, can be found on the Workshops page or by clicking here.  Those who are not participating in the workshop will be making lace as usual, so please join us if you are interested in becoming a member.